Kroma Guardian House (KGH) introduces a unique NFT collection, designed to democratize participation in the Kroma Validator Network. Kroma, an optimistic rollup with active fault proofs using zkEVM, relies on a network of validators to ensure data integrity and security. However, active involvement in this network typically requires advanced software development skills, limiting accessibility to the general public. KGH NFTs address this gap, enabling those without programming expertise to contribute to Kroma's security. By owning a KGH NFT, holders gain the power to indirectly influence network security and validator performance.

KGH NFT holders can stake their NFTs with a chosen validator. This staking acts as an endorsement, boosting the validator's potential rewards. This mechanism encourages a symbiotic relationship between NFT holders and validators:

  • For Validators: Increased staking leads to higher rewards, incentivizing honest and active participation.

  • For NFT Holders: Staking with successful validators results in a share of the rewards, creating a passive income stream.

By lowering the barrier to entry and enabling wider community participation, KGH NFTs contribute to the strength and security of the Kroma network. This initiative fosters a win-win scenario, where both validators and NFT holders can prosper through active and honest participation.

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