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You can test the features listed below in Kroma Mainnet:

We are eager for you to join our community, participate in discussions, and contribute to our collective growth. The Kroma is currently operating the validator decentralized environment. We plan to fully decentralize in the future and gradually disclose our progress. We are working hard to discover features for developers. Please continue to support us and contribute. Thank you.

Follow these instructions to set up your local development environment.


You will need the following:

Directory Structure

Why Build on Kroma?

Vision — Kroma has the similar vision with Ethereum.

Kroma shares a similar vision with Ethereum, aiming to provide a decentralized platform for building and deploying blockchain-based decentralized applications (dApps). Limited TPS on Ethereum has led to scalability issues, and as a solution, Layer 2 (Rollup) technologies have emerged. We are dedicated to contributing to the growth of the blockchain by establishing our own core values and, ultimately, helping Ethereum achieve its goals in a more seamless and efficient manner.

Cost — Kroma saves users gas fees.

Gas fees are requested to send transactions on a blockchain network. As a rollup technology, Kroma reduces the amount of gas needed, which lowers the fee burden for users. This makes it more cost-effective for developers to deploy their dApps, ensuring a smoother and more affordable development process.

Open source — Kroma brings users and builders together.

Kroma is dedicated to promoting an open-source culture. Uniting developers and builders is essential for achieving mass adoption of blockchain technology. By adhering to the principle of maximum transparency when disclosing our source code, we strive to create an environment that allows anyone to contribute effortlessly to our project and share their ideas. This approach aims to cultivate a sense of shared ownership, ultimately helping us develop a more mature Layer 2 ecosystem.

Thank you for building on Kroma

Join us in expanding the Layer 2(L2) ecosystem and contribute to the development of Kroma. You can request to be listed on our ecosystem page

If you enjoy engaging in discussions, connect with us on Discord or follow our Twitter for updates and announcements.

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