Token Allocation

The figure below shows the overall allocation of KRO tokens:
  • Ecosystem Fund (38%): The Ecosystem Fund is a proactive program meant to accelerate development and growth. The fund will provide grants to projects in all stages and utilize funds for marketing purposes.
  • Community Airdrop (7%): Reward users and dApps for contributing ecosystem growth.
  • WEMIX Community (10%): Allocations for the WEMIX community are designed to be in alignment with the co-growth of the Kroma and WEMIX ecosystems. The WEMIX Community boasts a user base of 9 million users and a highly engaged user pool, particularly in gaming. Kroma recognizes the significant value held by this WEMIX Community, considering it a core group to engage in collaboration with. As part of this collaboration, Kroma will be dedicated to supporting the WEMIX community by providing rewards and offering incentives to users across both chains.
  • Core Team (15%): The core team who’ve been working tirelessly to bring Kroma Network to the masses.
  • WEMIX Foundation (15%): WEMIX Foundation is the biggest supporter and core contributor of Kroma, planning to sequentially support their various Web3-based games, DeFi, NFT, and more within the Kroma ecosystem. Moving forward, we intend to continue collaborating to ensure the mutual growth of these two ecosystems.
  • Investors (15%): Initial financial and strategic investors that help the ecosystem grow faster at the initial stage.