Embracing Decentralization for All

Kroma deeply commits to decentralization - not just as a technological concept, but as a principle that empowers every individual. We believe in decentralization where participation isn't just possible for all, but is also seamlessly accessible. The essence of decentralization gets thicker when it opens the doors wide enough for everyone to enter, irrespective of their technical prowess.

Overcoming Technical Barriers with KGH NFT

The Kroma Guardian House (KGH) NFT is a pivotal innovation in this quest for inclusive decentralization. We recognize that operating a validator node, a cornerstone of our network's integrity, is encumbered with technical complexities. This not only necessitates a high level of programming skills but inadvertently erects barriers, limiting participation to a select few with technical expertise. KGH NFT is our solution to dismantle these barriers.

Democratizing the Ecosystem

By empowering general public to contribute to the security of the Kroma network by staking their NFTs with validators, KGH NFT democratizes the network's operation. Every NFT holder becomes a stakeholder in Kroma's security, with a say in the network's governance. This inclusive approach ensures that Kroma's security and success are not just in the hands of a few but are the collective responsibility and achievement of the entire community.

KGH NFT is not just a product; it's a philosophy in action - a philosophy that envisions an inclusive, secure, and democratized blockchain ecosystem.

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