Kroma places a high emphasis on security.

Our ultimate goal is to transition from optimistic rollups to zero-knowledge rollups. Currently, Kroma incorporates zero-knowledge fault proofs implemented using zkEVM within the optimistic rollup.

Participants in the Kroma network consist of one sequencer and validators. The sequencer submit L2 transaction batches to Ethereum, while validators submit and verify the L2 outputs on Ethereum. Specifically, Kroma is working on a permissionless validation system allowing any user to participate in our network as a validator.

With our permissionless system and our emphasis on security, we are conducting continuous internal security audits in order to ensure the safety of the assets in Kroma. Additionally, external audits from third-party organizations are also being carried out to further enhance the security of the Kroma network.

The following is the initial security audit report received from ChainLight, with a primary focus on the decentralized challenge system.

Additionally, below is the security audit report for Kroma zkTrie, an enhanced version of Scroll's zkTrie, received from ChainLight.

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