Token Distribution

Token Minting

A total of 1 billion KRO tokens will be minted at the TGE.

Token Distribution

As soon as the tokens are minted, all tokens will be immediately transferred to their respective vaults.

The Team & advisors' tokens are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule, while the Investors' tokens are released over a 3-year schedule. The KRO tokens allocated to the Team & advisors and Investors will be transferred to vaults implemented via smart contracts, ensuring that the total amount available for distribution is limited according to each vesting schedule.

Rewards in KRO will be distributed to participants according to the reward schedule. There will be multiple KRO reward programs. Early participants in the network are incentivized with potentially higher rewards.

The Community Impact Fund will be executed through a DAO in the future.

A more detailed distribution schedule will be updated prior to the TGE.

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