KRO Tokenomics

Kroma's tokenomics is meticulously designed to align the growth of the network with the value of its native token, KRO. This is achieved through mechanisms for zero-start distribution and alignment with network growth.
Default Mint Amount Determined by the Decaying Model
KRO token issuance per block is governed by a decaying emissions schedule, specifically, a reduction factor of 7.776% every 90 days.
Key parameters that determine the default minting amount per block are as follows:
  • KRO Total Supply: 50,000,000
  • Default Mint Amount: 1
  • Reduction Factor: 7.776%
  • Sliding Window: 90 days
Allocation of KRO Supply:
Kroma allocates 38% of the total KRO supply to the Ecosystem Fund, which supports various stages of development, marketing, security, community engagement, and ecosystem building. Additional allocations are made to the Community Airdrop, incentives for the WEMIX Community, Core Team, WEMIX Foundation and Investors.
Community and Partner Funds:
Within Kroma, the Community Impact Fund and Partner Fund promote innovation and growth by providing grants and support to early-stage dApps and large-scale projects. The selection process involves cycles of selection, incentivization, voting, and reflection. KRO Stakers will be actively involved in these decision-making processes of Community Impact Fund.
Strategic Fee Redistribution:
Network fees are strategically redistributed to Transaction Contributors and KRO stakers. This approach fosters development and creates investment opportunities within the ecosystem. The model includes supplementary rewards and voting rights, crafting targeted incentives that align the interests of builders, stakers, and users.
To learn more about Kroma's Zero Start Tokenomics, please refer to this medium article.