KRO Tokenomics

Kroma's tokenomics was initially designed to embrace a zero-start distribution model. To overcome the liquidity shortage at the time of the mainnet launch, the TGE (Token Generation Event) was scheduled several months after the mainnet launch. However, after thorough consideration, it has been revised and supplemented into its current simple yet practical form. The history of these changes can be found in our Medium articles.

Kroma's tokenomics is meticulously designed to align the growth of the network with the value of its native token, KRO. This is achieved through mechanisms that promote network growth and reward ecosystem contributors.

Total Supply: 1B

The total supply of KRO has been set at 1 billion. Different sectors have been allocated KRO tokens appropriately to ensure the smooth functioning of Kroma's tokenomics.

Community and Partner Funds

Within Kroma, the Community Impact Fund and Partner Fund promote innovation and growth by providing grants and support to early-stage dApps and large-scale projects. The selection process involves cycles of selection, incentivization, voting, and reflection. KRO Stakers will be actively involved in these decision-making processes of Community Impact Fund.

Strategic Fee Redistribution

Network fees are redistributed to Transaction Contributors, which are dApp Builders participating in the redistribution program. dApp Builders receive rewards in KRO tokens for their contributions and can further distribute these tokens to their users to encourage usage of their dApps. KRO stakers can take part in the decision-making process to select redistribution targets, ensuring their supported dApps are chosen. The model includes supplementary rewards and voting rights, creating targeted incentives that align the interests of builders, stakers, and users. This approach fosters rapid ecosystem growth by encouraging dApp development and user engagement.

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