Kroma Sepolia Guide

Quick Start

Kroma Sepolia is a testing environment on top of the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. This page serves as a guide to the those who wish to experiment with the Kroma network in dApp & smart contract deployments, testing and other verifications.

Testnet ether is a virtual currency. It is used for testing purposes only.

Here is the suggested workflow:

  1. Setup by adding the Sepolia Testnet into your wallet's list of networks

  2. Receive Sepolia testnet ether via a faucet

  3. Use the bridge to deposit/withdraw Sepolia ether from/to the Ethereum Sepolia & Kroma Sepolia

  4. Explore Kroma by swapping tokens in Kroma Swap

  5. If interested, try running your own testnet node to become a Kroma testnet validator. you can find that guide here.

To view submitted transactions, checkout Ethereum Sepolia block explorer on Etherscan for L1 transactions, and Kromascan for L2 Kroma Sepolia transactions.

Question & Feedback

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